sps(Spark Plasma Sintering system) / pecs(Pulsed Electric Current Sintering)

SUGA Co., Ltd. co-creates the value with the customers.

SUGA Co., Ltd. is the leading company of Spark Plasma Sintering system who has accumulated material synthesis technology by being OEM/ODM for SPS over the past 20 years.

"Cool SPS System" is the fruit of long experience and know-how on production/sales/design of house-brand equipment for material R&D based on its core technology of vacuum/high temperature technology.

What's New


Save the date for the most popular international conference of SPS, PACRIM 13. 27-31, Oct. 2019 - Okinawa, JAPAN


SUGA will be a sponsor for 4th INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON SPARK PLASMA SINTERING, 23 - 25 May, 2018 - Cagliari, Italy


ALD(Atomic Layer Deposition) system and Sputtering system for powder surface treatment are now available with a combination of SPS(PECS) only at SUGA